The Beginning

We started with a passion to simplify insurance quotes. After many years of having to go to multiple carriers and providing the same information to each carrier to obtain that “one quote”, the founder of Best Texas Insurance Quotes knew that there had to be a better way. In other words, getting multiple quotes was tedious. Thus, the idea was born to offer Texas residents a one stop shop for homeowners and auto insurance quotes .

The Present

We are not interested in providing generic insurance quotes only to have the final quotes change dramatically. Therefore, as long as the information provided by the client is accurate, the quotes received by the client will be solid. No bait and switch!

Above all, at Best Texas Insurance Quotes, it’s all about personalized service. A licensed agent is assigned to each client. That agent will obtain quotes for the client . After that, the agent can assist the client in becoming insured with the carrier chosen by the client.

The Future

We will continue to grow. As we explore more insurance products, we anticipate that we can meet even more needs for our clients. We are currently exploring health, Medicare, life insurance and more. We even want to expand to other states! Our goal is to become the nation’s leading insurance comparison site personalized to each client.

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